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Gamification In Digital Marketing: What Is It & What Are The Benefits?

With the fight for attention becoming more and more fierce in the digital sphere…

Brands are battling to stand out from the crowd and give people a different kind of experience.

That’s why “Gamification” is increasingly growing in popularity.

In its simplest form, gamification encourages participation in exchange for some kind of reward.

This approach offers people a circuit breaker.

Something immersive and different from the constant barrage of cookie-cutter content leads and customers see every day across their social media and the web.

Every brand, in every niche, with every kind of product can benefit from and utilize gamification.

5 Benefits Of Gamification

#1 Grow Brand Awareness & Build Trust

If you use gamification in your marketing, you instantly build likeability and trust.

You’re seen as a brand that doesn’t just take, take, take from their customers but gives back to their customers too.

In terms of BOTH emotional enjoyment and physical reward.

Building this trust leads to attachment.

Attachment results in lifelong, loyal custom that you can harness to grow and scale your success.

#2 Harness Natural Instincts

Gamification as a strategy plays into our innate desire to win or even have the chance to get something for free.

Its “no-strings-attached” angle encourages a “nothing-to-lose” kind of mentality.

Little do they know, there’s everything to gain for you.

With the door ajar from gamification, you then have an opportunity to convert leads to customers or encourage repeat custom.

#3 A Data Collector In Disguise

Every brand knows the importance of gathering data to better target, convert, and maintain their ideal customers.

But, it’s also one of the hardest things to do.

It’s often either extremely time-consuming or costly through AI, huge databases, and confusing software.

However, gamification offers an in-expensive, easy alternative.

People are much more willing to give up their details in exchange for (or even the chance of) an immediate reward.

In an instant, you’ve got their email address in your database without a sniff of a pushy pitch.

#4 Increase Conversions

This goes for both new leads and existing customers.

Gamification puts your product and services on people’s radars, either as a new product or a repurchase.

By entering, they’ve demonstrated they’re interested.

So, even if they don’t win, the competition or game is often enough of a non-pushy positive redirection to get them over the line.

It’s a different, in-direct kind of CTA as opposed to traditional paid traffic or email marketing.

#5 Diversify Your Promotions

As a brand, you’re constantly under pressure to come up with new angles and not be boring.

Gamification isn’t just a new angle.

It’s an entirely new refreshing approach.

It effectively catches customers off-guard in the best possible way!

They might ignore a “boring” 20% discount on your new offer if it’s in an email, ad or banner…

But, the excitement of winning or earning it is an entirely different equation.

It adds more value to their experience and your product/service as a whole.

Same product. Same promotion. Different approach!

3 Examples Of Gamification To Get You Started

#1: Reward Schemes

The biggest brands on this planet, like Starbucks, run reward schemes for one simple reason:

They encourage return business and hyper loyalty!

The concept is simple enough:

Customers get a “reward” after they complete a certain number of actions.

Examples Of Actions:

  • # of repeat purchases of your product
  • # of levels/modules completed
  • # of total $ spent

Examples Of Rewards:

  • A FREE product
  • A FREE upgrade
  • A FREE consultation/1:1
  • A FREE ticket to an event

#2 Mini-Games

If someone stops you on the street and asks you to spin a wheel or do a scratch card with the promise of winning something with no strings attached…

You’d do it, right?

It’s the exact same online!

Mini-games like virtual scratch cards, spin the wheel, or pick a box are great ways to encourage interaction.

You can offer people the chance to get a discount, a freebie, an exclusive product, a free trial.

The opportunities are endless.

#3 Challenges & Contests

McDonald’s multi-million dollar Monopoly has got to be one of the best examples of how running a contest can create BOTH huge hype and return custom.

Its power is in its accessibility.

Everybody can take part simply by purchasing or posting something!

You might not be able to give away the huge prizes that McDonald’s do, but you can certainly take a leaf out of their book.

Here are some examples:

  • Monthly “Transformation” Competitions: Get people to submit their results in exchange for the chance to win something (before and after pictures, screenshots of revenue, video updates, etc.)
      – Benefit To You: Great For Testimonials & Community Moral.
  • Run Treasure Hunts: Hide clues across your social media and in your email marketing. Those who crack the code get something in return.
      – Benefit To You: Spike Engagement & Open Rates.
  • Create Leaderboards: Have a public leaderboard relating to your product or brand and reward 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. It could be anything from # of sales, clients, KG lost, deals done.
      – Benefit To You: Prove Your Product/Service Works To New/Existing Customers.

Before You Go, Don’t Forget The Golden Rule Of Gamification…

Gamification has the power to increase engagement, brand awareness, and conversions in every niche.

The key is to be patient and establish what type of gamification strategy sits the best with your brand and specific audience.

You might be surprised at what kind of gamification your audience takes to.

Continue to test, and don’t give up on gamification as part of your marketing strategy!