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How Can Social Media Help Build Your Personal Brand?

Once upon a time, a social media presence was optional for a company.

Some of the early innovators were able to breathe new life into their business just by throwing out flippant or unexpected tweets.

Some made their mark by throwing shade at their competitors.

(Looking at you, Wendy’s.)

But times change.

Social media presence is no longer an option – it’s ESSENTIAL!

But this isn’t just true for companies. It’s true for anyone who’s offering a service or a product – digital or otherwise.

And a personal brand BEGINS on social media!

But before we dive into HOW you should go about building your personal brand through social media, let’s look at some of the reasons WHY.

#1 – It’s Free
Anyone can sign up for an Instagram account. They can post content, get likes, and build a following.

And it costs literally nothing!

This alone makes it one of the most effective marketing tools in your arsenal.

#2 – It’s Humanizing
Social media started as a way for friends to connect.

Even though it’s become a massive platform for marketing, it’s managed to retain that “personal” feel.

Self-promotion carries the risk of being seen as inauthentic. Stories, reels, and TikToks offer a great way to humanize your brand and regain some of that authenticity.

#3 – It’s Useful
Having a solid social media presence means you can drive your social traffic elsewhere – i.e., your website, sales page, or product listings.

This is called “cross-promotion”.

Social media can form a valuable part of your broader outreach approach, but it can also act as part of a sales funnel for your goods or services.


Those are just some of the reasons WHY you should be using social media to build your personal brand.

Let’s take a look at HOW you can do it:

#1 – Choose Your Weapon
If you’re a lifestyle brand, Facebook probably isn’t going to be your top priority.

Equally, if your target market is the over-40s, TikTok isn’t going to be a particularly useful thing to focus on.

So choose your weapon!

Don’t invest time, effort, or resources into building a following on the wrong platform. It might be tempting to say, “I want a presence on EVERY platform!” but in reality, that’s way too much work.

Unless you have a team of people at your disposal, pick one or two platforms and work at them.

Once you start getting some engagement, then you’ll know what works and what doesn’t.

#2 – Consistency is Key
Instagram is a very visual platform.

It’s an excellent opportunity to reinforce your brand’s visual style. This will strengthen your brand identity and help it stick in people’s minds.

Twitter, on the other hand, is all about language.

You should use a consistent writing style (or “tone of voice”) on your Twitter account. This should be the same style as you use for everything else. You want that written style to become synonymous with YOUR brand.

But it goes further than that.

You also need to consider your language on Instagram and your visual style on Twitter. And the same goes for your product pages, website, and other content.

Consistency is key to looking and sounding professional online.

#3 – Waste Not
So you’ve made a cool video for your YouTube channel.


But don’t just let it sit there on YouTube – recycle it for other visual platforms like Instagram and TikTok!

Pretty much every platform supports and promotes video content now, so instead of making different videos for every platform, use the same video across multiple platforms.

Better still, if you’ve made a longer video (2-3 minutes), chop it up and post 10-20 second clips as stories, reels, or TikToks.

You’ll waste a lot of time if you try and develop a different strategy for every platform.

Don’t waste good content – recycle it and watch your brand grow!

To summarize…

You’ve (hopefully) got a good idea of why social media is an ESSENTIAL part of growing your personal brand.

You should also have a better idea of how to make that happen.

If you’re not playing the social media game, you need to start right now!

Brands have exploded overnight because of just one tweet or post. Millions of pounds are generated every day from social media strategies that are completely free to implement.

Focused and consistent content will win you this game.

And if that seems like too much work, get in touch with us, and we’ll help!