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How To Make Customer Experiences And Digital Marketing Work Together

Customer Experience Is Now The Ultimate Marketing Tool!

As consumers, we’ve shifted away from taking everything corporate big companies say as gospel.

We are increasingly refusing to be spoon-fed.

Instead, we “forage” for ourselves.

We go out, source out different companies and brands, look at reviews, how they interact with their following, and then we make up our own minds.

So, it makes sense to put your existing customer’s experience at the forefront of your digital marketing to attract new leads and loyal fans.

Introducing The “Circle Of Customer Experience.”

It’s a constantly revolving cycle that looks like this and, as a brand, you can leverage a lot:

The more new customers buy into your existing customer’s experience through your digital marketing…

…the more likely they are to become loyal, existing customers.

The more loyal, existing customers you have…

…the more you can leverage their experience to entice new customers through your digital marketing.

So, how and what can you do to start using customer experience as a powerful marketing tool?

Digital Marketing, Meet Customer Experience, Examples!

Reviews & Testimonials
People trust strangers on the internet more than they trust a credible company.

It doesn’t make sense, but it’s just the way it is.

If you encourage your existing customers to leave reviews and testimonials (even reward them for doing so!) you can use them in varying different ways across your digital marketing:

  • Paid Traffic: utilize them in your ads to create content, hooks, and intrigue.
  • Content Marketing: make reaction or appreciation posts and videos about your reviews.
  • SEO: the more reviews you have on Google, the higher you’ll rank and get seen by new customers.

Making engagement a habit can help your wider digital marketing efforts tenfold.

First things first, create content posts that encourage your customers to comment, like, participate and feel like a member of your community.

Host Q&As, do Livestreams, create debate, ask for opinions.

Once it’s the “norm,” people won’t mind what type of post they’re engaging with, just that it’s from your business or brand.

That means, when you run ads and paid traffic, you’ll get equally amazing engagement.

Not only will your ads get more promoted as a result…

But you’ll catch the eye of new customers too.

A brand with a strong, supportive, public community behind it is 100% more trustworthy and followable than one without.

They’re helping you market your digital marketing!

Active Responding

A huge part of creating a great experience is being present, responsive, and reactive to your customers.

Engagement goes both ways!

A sophisticated CRM strategy or software makes this 100x easier, but it’s not necessary, especially in the beginning.

Through your responses, you can digitally market your products and services by linking them either directly or by sending them through your funnel.

The 1:1 “feel” of the interaction builds trust, likeability, and your customers feel listened to.

They’re far more likely to click on the link as you’ve “personally” recommended it to them.

Plus, people scrolling through your comments will also see your responses.

They’ll acknowledge your commitment to your customers, and be more inclined to click on your links.

If you’re doing it via DMs, you can even go on to repurpose your interaction (with permission) for content and paid traffic!

Those are 3 ways you can leverage your customer experience in your digital marketing.

With customer experience now taking center stage from a business strategy standpoint…

If you can nail “The Circle Of Customer Experience,” you can look forward to creating a loyal following, generating more leads, and exploding your sales.