Our branding, acquisition and strategy

At Tansocial we help you grow and scale your personal or corporate brand online through social media. We have two sides of the company that help our clients achieve this goal. The branding side helps an individual or company establish credibility online, create engaging disruptive content to build a raving audience, that captivates and brings in new opportunities for your brand. After an individual or company has branded themselves online we then transition them to our advertising side where we take it a step further to scale and monetize their brand through paid advertising.


Tansocial helps you build credibility on social media through services such as follower growth, post engagements, as well as getting you featured in press and well known news outlets. This is the first essential step in building a successful personal brand online.

Branding and Content

Our team helps you effectively communicate your value to the marketplace through creating engaging and disruptive content. This could either be done in a fashion where Tansocial’s creative team fly’s out to your location and shoots high quality content for you or the Tansocial team will guide you in the right direction on how to effectively brand yourself through your content on social media.


We help you monetize your brand by giving you an organic outreach strategy to bring in new opportunities for your business such as; new clients, speaking engagements, brand deals, etc. We then help you take your monetization a step further by running paid advertising campaigns to scale your offerings.

You’ll be in good hands

Whoever you are wherever you are, we build brands that create value, attract talent, and get people talking.